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Looking for a Spanish Translator? Welcome :)

About Us

Panacea provides premium language services to  businesses  around the world by helping them reach the ever-growing Spanish speaking audience.   

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Panacea is a boutique single language provider (just Spanish!) that will recreate your documents, software and promotional material for your Hispanic market. 

Our clientele includes pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and educational publishers, as well as NGOs and other translation agencies.

Why choose us?

  •  We are small and flexible. We adapt quickly to your needs and offer you personalized solutions, without the bureaucracy and added costs of huge agencies. No client is too small for us!
  • We have 15 years of experience and we know the target language, culture and industry inside and out
  • In order to accomodate for every variety of Spanish, we work with a small network of selected linguists certified by the American Translators Association

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